Amazon wants to know what ads you see on your mobile and is willing to pay you for it

In the age of the Internet, privacy can become a challenge for users who do not want to give up their data for personalized advertising. Amazon wants internet users to at least try to avoid monitoring their information and for that it intends to offer $2 per month for those who allow access to recommended ads.

This option is available only to customers who have been invited to participate in the program and who are part of Amazon Buyers Panel (Shopper Panel). People who do not receive an invitation can be added to a waiting list, but it will take longer to receive service.

Customers can earn up to $10 per month by taking on more tasks. Amazon comments on the download website for its service: “Participants can earn monthly rewards Sharing receipts for purchases made outside of amazon.comcompleting short surveys, and enabling ad verification for ads viewed on Amazon’s own ads or third-party companies that advertise through Amazon Ads.”


Users who enable ad verification for Amazon They can cancel it whenever they want. In this way, internet users remain in control of how long they want the company to see advertisements displayed on their devices.

At the moment, the Shopper Panel app is not available in Spain and it is not known if it will be (take into account EU restrictions to protect the privacy of residents of member states). It is only enabled for residents of the United States and the United Kingdom and was launched due to concerns from privacy advocates regarding Amazon.

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