Amazon will only refund one eBook if you’ve read less than 10%

E-book readers used to have a big advantage over reading faster in Amazon’s Kindle store until now. This was possible thanks to the fact that ecommerce stores refunded users money if they decided they didn’t like it. before a week has passed. However, this has changed with the update of their return policy.

From now on Amazon will only accept the return of books that have not been read more than 10%. The move is implemented at the urging of the Authors Guild of America: “The Authors Guild is proud to report that our discussions with Amazon’s senior executive team regarding the platform’s policy will allow readers to stay within seven days of purchase. Allows you to return e-books online, regardless of the amount read […] Readers attempting to abuse the return policy will be penalized,

When a user wishes to cancel the purchase of an e-book that he has read more than the permitted percentage, he must send a specific request to customer service. By doing so, your request will be reviewed, making the process longer and more tedious.

Some Buktok users (who teach literary content on TikTok) had encouraged their followers to #read and return (read and return) To use this benefit of the Kindle Store policy. With this new measure from Amazon, this trick of reading a lot and paying nothing is over.

The vulnerability was patched.

With this change in return policy, great beneficiaries will be authors who self-published their books in the Amazon Store, because, When they returned their e-books, they did not make any profit and may even have suffered a loss.

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