America is working on a smart mine that detects enemy tanks and destroys them with armor-piercing bullets

Weapons supplier Textron has developed a smart mine for the US military. The device is capable of detecting the sounds of enemy vehicles to attack them with an armor-piercing bullet, and the Pentagon signed a contract 353 million dollars (about 360 million euros) for their development.

The mine is named after XM204 And inside it are four high level cluster bombs. These can hit the thinnest part of the tank, which sits on top of it.

As part of the contract with the Pentagon, Textron was to create a defense weapon that would reduce the threat to civilians it encountered. To meet the need, the company built a device similar to a mine, but which is not activated by people.

Despite having the characteristics of a mine, the XM204 was designed with a . has been described as “High-end, broad-spectrum attack ammunition” How else “The Constraint That Shapes the Terrain”, The reason the word ‘mine’ is not used is because the Joe Biden administration committed in June 2022 not to deploy landmines except on the Korean peninsula.

Images from a test flight of the Thor-ER on August 17, 2022.

Uses about XM204 acoustic sensor which identify the surrounding tanks. When they are at a certain distance, the weapon tracks them off-radar doppler and fires a cluster bomb into the air that will reach the most vulnerable area of ​​an armored vehicle.

According to what they say to Jens magazine, each XM204 weighs just over 36 kg, but beyond that data and those already mentioned, many technical details of the weapon are not known. It is known that, in the requirements of the military agreement with Textron, they called for the device to be remote controlled from a station that could manage Up to 12 mines in a distance of up to 5 km.

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