AMLO conditions Nodal’s concert in the Zocalo if Belinda agrees.

President Andrew Manuel lopez obrador assured that Christian Nodal can give one free concerts In building closure Next to Mexico City December 1as long as BelindaFormer partners of the singer, agree.

“And now we’re going to see if we take the nodal, Christian Nodal, at his behest, to see if we invite him. He has already said that he is not going to charge for the Zocalo, it could be December 1, when we celebrate four years of government or any other day, nothing more than respectfully consulting Belinda, “They said.

“Because she treated us so well, she’s always treated us very well and maybe I’ll invite her, but if she can’t attend, she can give us her opinion, because if she agreed So, we accept the proposal of the nodal”, the President told the morning conference.

The Mexican president explained that when he had Belinda’s answer, he would announce it at the morning conference.

lopez obrador A free concert offered last September 26 building closure From Mexico City produced by Belinda You Christian NodalWho had a romantic relationship a few months back.

“I don’t know who told me that there was another famous artist who wanted … Christian Nodal also wanted to participate and didn’t want to be charged, that would be great,” he argued at the conference. Morning,

“I was just telling myself that she was Belinda’s partner and that Belinda treated us very well. Aren’t they fighting? Because we don’t want to rebuke Belinda, maybe we just invite the two of them (laughs),” López Obrador explained.

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