An aerotaxi prototype makes its first free flight in Spain

Last year’s Expodronica fair held in Madrid showed what the first flying taxis in Spain would look like. Its makers, from the companies Umiles Next and Tecnalia, hoped to prepare it for tourist flights. Between 2026 and 2030 And, with this goal in mind, they have already started test flights.

Air taxi prototype took off over Atlas Experimental Flight Center (Villacarrillo, Jane) As part of the demonstrations of the Uspace4UAM project. According to Europa Press, the tests are aimed at verifying the safe integration of mixed operations with manned and unmanned vehicles in urban environments.

Through the prototype’s first free test flight, the companies sought to demonstrate whether its future integration into municipalities would be viable. To ensure that the aerotaxi will be able to adapt to the air traffic that will happen after its implementation, the team has conducted tests. with other unmanned vehicles at different heights,

Catalina Maduo, the Spanish government’s deputy representative in Jane, stressed that the demonstrations are intended to “guarantee the safety of all operations with manned and unmanned aircraft, and In addition, contribute to regulatory and regulatory development,

The Uspace4UAM project is being carried out not only in Spain, but in four countries, Madueno informs that, within the Spanish territory, the Villacarillo Atlas Center has been chosen and it is here that they intend to test the benefits that this new mode of transport will bring.

The technology of this company is already regularly used in maritime rescue.

Project funding includes four million eurosWhich comes from the European Horizon 2020 research fund, within the public-private partnership SESAR joint venture, and led by Honeywell.

At last year’s exhibition, Umils remarked that he intended the air taxi to carry five passengers at a time on a journey of up to 300 kilometres. The company’s CEO, Carlos Poveda, defined the prototype as “the one”.drone dronei.e. a drone made up of four drones with four motors that act independently”.

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