An Alphabet home delivery drone crashes into a power line and leaves thousands without power

A drone operated by Wing (a subsidiary of Alphabet, the parent of Google) landed on power lines in Brisbane (Australia), lit by 11,000 volts of electricity And more than 2,000 businesses and homes were left in the dark for about 45 minutes.

When a drone catches fire, the device fell to the ground And utility workers found it with hot food inside. Initially, the aerial vehicle made a controlled landing, but unfortunately, it stalled at the power lines.

Danny Donald (spokesperson for utility provider Energex) tells The Age and ABC News Australia that No permanent damage to power linesTherefore, Energex will not sue Wing for the inconvenience.

Donald explains on ABC that “Fifteen years ago, we asked people to be careful about whether they give kites to their kids for Christmas and where they fly them. Now we ask parents to be very careful.” They say where their kids fly their drones.”

Donald, on the other hand, added to The Age that “the team had to survey the network, so we had to have another 300 clients in the vicinity for a few more hours. This has never happened before, so of course.” not a regular occurrence And I think that’s a good thing.”

In 2019, Wing received drone approval to deliver food and medicine in Australia and since then, the company has placed over 50,000 orders. due to recent accident The wing immediately reported what happened and apologized.,

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