An electronic translator allows you to communicate with 90% of the world’s population, thanks to its support in 108 languages

The solution to the problem of not knowing languages ​​and not being able to communicate with foreign people seems to be thanks to a powerful technological gadget similar to a mobile phone: Vasco Translator V4,

The Polish company Vasco Electronics (the name has nothing to do with the Basque Country, but rather a tribute to Vasco da Gama, the Portuguese sailor who came to India in the 15th century) is succeeding in the market. Basque Translator V4The first to allow communication with 90% of the world’s population, thanks to its support 108 languages (including dialects).

How is it different from other translators?

This electronic translator works with GSM and has a sim card which provides Free internet for lifetime for users in almost 200 countries And, if the GSM signal is weak, it can use the WiFi signal as well.

This is the major difference with other mobile application translators like Google, which require an internet connection. Vasco Translator It’s always connected in those nearly 200 countries, not dependent on you having a connection or having coverage. That way, you can communicate with an Australian or Chinese in their respective countries, and in their languages, at no extra cost.

It translates audio, but also text

Vasco Electronics Translator
Vasco Electronics Translator

This innovative device from Vasco Electronics, a company owned by Maciej Góralski, not only translates audio through its microphone, but also allows translation of text and photos. Integrated high quality 8MP AF camera from Sony. According to company sources, this lens allows the device to take clear pictures of posters, signs or restaurant menus so that they can be correctly translated into the passenger’s language in an estimated response time of 0.5 seconds.

You can speak in a group in a professional environment

Another advantage of Vasco Translator V4 is that it has a multitalk function, which is ideal for professional environments, as it allows you to speak in real time with up to 100 interlocutors in different languages. Thus, the fluid interaction can be conducted since Translates written or spoken phrases in real time. These translations may be delivered by the device orally and in writing to your . will be reproduced on 5 inch screen.

The labor market needs an ICT profile that meets the demand of companies.

This function uses the 10 most important translation engines that currently exist, offering an accuracy of 96% in their translations, they assure from the company.

Easy to transport due to its small size

Vasco Electronics Translator
Vasco Electronics Translator

The design of the device is functional and easy to carry and use in any situation, thanks to its small size, and has dual speakers up to 99 dB and a USB Type-C port.

The Vasco Translator V4 is available in Spain at the Vasco Electronics online store for €389.

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