An engineering student works year-round to build a folding iPhone: this is the result

MacRumors reported in May this year that Apple is developing a foldable iPhone with an eight-inch QHD+ flexible OLED screen to be sold in 2023, however, an engineering student has overtaken the Cupertino company.

this foldable iphone Looks like a Galaxy Flip model, is a redistribution of components and is functional. Furthermore, the student’s first mission was to reduce the solidity of the first layer of panels in order to achieve flex and preserve the original screen with tactile functions.

The engineer had five months to get the screen working, thus acquiring a folding structure thanks to the acquisition of the latest Motorola RAZR 2022. After adopting the said phone, rebuilt motherboard so that the component stays on and can be adaptable to movements,

during the process, It was necessary to 3D print the new structure, cut the device in two, attach it to the RAZR’s modified chassis, and add a center hinge. In the end, as a result, the iPhone is bent, its charging and cameras work, and its aspects have improved.

Unfortunately, the main drawback is that Said Apple product cannot be used on a daily basisBecause the engineer had to reduce the battery capacity and the screen may break.

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