Ana Bárbara already has a date for her wedding with Angel Muñoz, this is what is known about the expected wedding

Ana Barbara is one of the most famous grouper in Regional MexicanHer voice is a banner and an example that women can reach wherever they want, even though it is thought that band, norteño or mariachi was once a genre in which more men performed, now with a whole career of successes, Famous is also one of the best phases in the personal sphere.

It was in February 2020 when the commitment was Angel MunozWhat sets the pair apart the most is that she is 15 years younger to him, the star has said that she is happy to share her life with someone who understands her, who supports her and whom she shares her biggest desires and wishes with. Can entrust secrets, too Rio Verde, San Luis PotoShe has made it clear that her boyfriend prefers to stay behind the scenes and away from the media.

“Angels, I’ve always wanted to meet someone who would become a Guardian Angel in my life, and not just in name, but to accompany me through the good times and other good times every day, and although I know Is that you are pro- Vivek, today that celebrates the heights of friendship and love, I want to dedicate to you “My Heart” that says YES! I love you and wish to be an Angel in the full extent of the word FOREVER And thank you for being there for all of us,” the singer wrote in a moment she wanted to show her partner.

They have been associated with IG / anabarbaramusic for two years

After that, they rarely appeared together on social networks, but all this will change, or at least for the next months of 2023, because according to the special page in regional Mexican artists Bandamax, the star famous for songs like “bandit” And I looked for her” is about to start planning his wedding.

little is known about Angel Munoz is that he works as an agent for theater and commercial artists, somehow he understands the work Ana Barbara And that’s the reason they are together and something else they have in common, another thing that is known is that they first saw each other in the gym because they both love to stay fit.

They met at a gym. IG/anabarbermusic

When is Anna Barbara getting married?

Although it was not specified exactly when the exact day of the wedding is, they assure that it will be next year and may happen after Ana Barbara has performed the event scheduled for March 4, 2023 at the National Auditorium . That big date she’ll be more free from professional commitments and ready to say yes to her boyfriend Angel Munoz

they will marry in 2023

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