Anahi defends herself from Maka’s ridicule in a live show; Network support pre-RBD

Anahi defends herself from Maka’s ridicule in a live show. Photo: Darkroom

Anahi did not miss the opportunity to answer him One Maca Carrido Las Molestation He Driver done in respect of disorders of feed that the former RBD member had trouble with a few years ago, and that he talked about months ago,

This happened during an event where Maca Served as presenter and Anahi jurywherever Actress He recalled, very subtly, the remarks against him written By Driver in it official count Twitter.

“Maka, I know you like me half fat, but don’t abuse.”


after the words of Famous, who attended the RBD reunion, Maca denied that he had Problem with beautiful actress why singer,

“Don’t say that, I love you very much.”


However, claims Anahi He didn’t stop there as he hinted that he’d better use his official twitter account to make it public He is not in a relationship with her.

“It’s just on Twitter, leave it for Twitter, not here.”


What did Maka’s tweet say against Anahi?

words of Famous, The one who has surprised with her incredible figure, has not been ignored by her thousands of fans, who, quickly, recalled all the comments he had made Maca Against the interpreter of “Este Corazón”.

He shared its screenshot through social network publications Where Maca with derision From disease who faced Anahi For a long time.

Some users of the social network also confirmed this Maca he didn’t have the guts to admit it Anahi He’s not one of her favorite people, a comment she accompanied with a tweet from Presenter,

There were even some netizens who pointed out that Maca had deleted the tweets she made about Anahi’s health problems, noting that digital platforms are already covered in screenshots.

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