Anahi reveals the great professional advice Juan Gabriel gave her before she died

The artist is delighted that the song recorded with Juan Gabriel is finally on the market (Photo by Victor Chavez/WireImage).

They say “if happiness is good then never be late”. This saying fits like a glove to Anahi, who not long ago thought that the duet she recorded with Juan Gabriel shortly before her death would never be released. However, now the thing is that both the artists have collaborated in the song. Let me live Prakash watches and she shares what it was like to live this experience with Divo de Juárez.

In conversation with journalist Gustavo Adolfo Infante, the former RBD talked about how the recording process for the song was and all the lessons, personal and professional, that he sang with a Mexican idol.

Looking forward to the impending release of the album Los Doo 3, which includes a song recorded by Juan Gabriel and Anahi among others, the singer and actress shared how excited she is about it. The artist thought that “she was never going to come out because 5 years passed, almost 6, and suddenly I got the news that she was going to come out,” she said excitedly.

There’s a very special bond with this song for a number of reasons for ex Mia Colucci. “For me this song has a great meaning in my heart, because it was a song we recorded a few days before Juan Gabriel left this earthly world,” he said. “I hope he’s so proud of the work we’ve done on this song that he gave me the opportunity to sing,” she said excitedly.

“Thank god I had a great opportunity to record it with him, so imagine the emotional charge on it,” said the artist, who played the part in this version of the song that was originally another version of the song. corresponded to the great star. “The original is with our beautiful Rocio Drcal, which we all hold in our hearts and thoughts, so it’s a true honor to create this new version,” he explained.

For Anahi, meeting and working with Juan Gabriel was a privilege not many people had the opportunity to enjoy. “I’m happy and proud to be with him, to have received his vocal direction, to make this song. It’s something that fills my soul. (…) To be able to meet him Feel so lucky. To be able to be close to him, that he gave me so many cool tips that I’ll never forget, beautiful things,” she recalled.

According to her, the singer-songwriter saw something in her that no one else had seen and that has served her all her life. “You have great strength, you have to sing strong things like yourself,” she quoted the artist’s words. It should be noted that at that time Anahi was waiting for her first child. “When we arrived in Los Angeles, he was one of the first people I told my secret because I was barely a month pregnant,” she confessed.

In addition to Anahi, Los Dío 3 featured other artists such as La Banda El Ricodo, La India, Eslabon Armado, Gloria Trevi, Pepe Aguilar, Danna Paola, Mon Lafferte, John Fogerty, Angela Aguilar, George Benson, Lasso and Charles Aznavour. Huh. among others.

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