Andrade will lead to his dismissal at AEW

Problems are still evident in the All Elite Wrestling locker room and final brawl has been entered Andrade the Idol and Sammy Guevara, Over the past few hours, some real stories that happened backstage at AEW have leaked, highlighting an alleged fight between the two.

Wrestling Observer journalist Dave Meltzer has given more details about what happened last night in the All Elite Wrestling locker room and confirmed that Andrade was aiming to be fired. “sight, Andrade is trying to get fired, we all know thatMeltzer reassured on the latest Wrestling Observer radio show. “There are some people, not many, like three people at AEW who want to leave, and Andrade is one of them.”

Meltzer recalled that All Elite Wrestling decided to play with their fighters’ real problems for a while because Tony Khan believed the public ‘knows’ their stories. However, these situations can be different in more suspicious cases, such as an alleged fight. background Between Andrade and Sammy Guevara. On this occasion, Andrade was told that if his idea was to start a fight to get fired, it would not work. He won’t be fired, just sent home, and that’s what is finally happening, with his match canceled at the AEW Rampage on Friday.

According to the people who leaked the information to Wrestling Observer, 3 out of 4 confirmed the same information. basically, Sammy didn’t throw a punch, Andrade bites Sammy, who pushes Andrade and then Andrade punches him. Another version reports that Sammy Guevara never killed Andrade. Be that as it may, it seems that Andrade was the one who started the problem, waiting for his locker room mate in the hall and beating him up. some people claim that Sammy Guevara didn’t defend himself And he was also beaten up in such a way that no trace of any kind was visible on the television.

Many have wondered why Sammy Guevara was scheduled to appear on AEW Dynamite after what happened. According to most witnesses, despite shaking up the situation by replying to Andrade on Twitter, the young fighter do everything you can to avoid the fight,

Dave Meltzer thinks all this could have been avoided because everyone knows Andrade is trying to get fired. They should never have let Sammy and Andrade get closer., After what happened on social media on Tuesday, the AEW board thought the same. However, it ended and it is something they want to prevent from happening again.

Multiple sources have assured that Andrade wants to be fired to return to WWE. His wife, Charlotte Flair, is one of the company’s main stars, and Andrade is very likely to see new opportunities under the leadership of Triple H. Meltzer commented that All Elite Wrestling could fire the fighter, but This will send the wrong message to the locker room about how to force more exits.So, for now, he has preferred to send it home.

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