Andrea Escalona claims advanced pregnancy with erotic photos

Andrea Escalona visualizes pregnancy with sensual photos. Photo: Darkroom

Andrea Escalona said goodbye to Clothes and decided put in natural to show off your advanced pregnancy with a pair of photographs; The daughter of the late producer Magda Rodriguez shared the photos with her fans on social networks.

through it official instagram accountDriver stunned more than one at a time very sexy pose days away from being first time mom, Dear Presenter took advantage of the publication of Dedicate a tender message to your child, whom he told “The most beautiful is waiting.”

“You’re the most beautiful wait, and I don’t like waiting. Since I know you’re coming, you give me peace and quiet. A direct connection with God, like Wi-Fi.”

Andrea Escalona.

presenter of TV He described as his eldest son return From sure who gave her MadreMagda Rodríguez, whose death has saddened many celebrities to express their regret at her passing, expressed her condolences to the family.

“Your grandmother went to heaven and with her my certainty, along with yours, returned. Thank you for this sweet wait.”

Andrea Escalona.

After publication, many celebrities pimp for the accompanying singer love messages, where they couldn’t hide their feelings Andrea Escalona’s upcoming motherhood.

like personality Juliana Peniche, Martha Carrillo, Alejandra Lazcano And Iran Castillo, who recently became a mother for the second time, reacted to Escalona’s photos.

apart from Famous why fan of Andrea Escalonayour aunt, Andrea Rodriguez He also left a note for the driver he He expressed his love.

“That’s right, my girl, one hundred sure. I love you”.

Andrea Rodriguez.

Since she announced she was expecting her first child, Andrea Escalona have shared various moments from your pregnancy, as the revelation of gender of your baby,

plus he hasn’t stopped to work and even surprise sexy move dance with others Famous.

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