Andrea Escalona says goodbye to “Hoy” for the biggest commitment of her life and is the host who takes her place

Andrea Escalona is one of the favorite conductors of Mexican television and although he has not yet left “Today” program Fans are already feeling his absence, as it was confirmed that in just a few days will leave in the morning To enjoy the final stages of your pregnancy and the arrival of your first child with you lover, marco, So the celebrity to replace him has already been announced.

Too actress, 36 years old, She surprised her fans last June by announcing that she was pregnant, especially since it was not known if she had a partner as she kept the details of her relationship with a man. acapulcoGuerrero, whom he knew as Galilea Montijo because he worked with the driver’s husband, Fernando Reina.

Andrea Escalona with her boyfriend Marco. Photo: IG @andy_escalona

According to show journalist alex caffee In her column for El Heraldo de Mexico, Andrea Escalona will kick off her stay in the morning in three weeks and prepare everything for it. travel to united states where she will give birth to her child whose name has not yet been officially announced, as she has decided that her lover will make the final decision because if she were a girl she would be the one who would name her Magda after her mother . Producer who passed away in November 2020.

Expecting to give birth near Escalona 20 December and he will rejoin “Hoy” at the end of January, meanwhile it will mariana echeveriaParticipants of “Me Cago de Risa”, who temporarily take their place.

More exits in “today”

Andrea Escalona is not the only driver to say goodbye to the public in the morning broadcast, because Tania Rincon would be absent and thanked him for his opportunity amidst the embrace of his comrades Producer Andrea Rodriguez and Alejandro Benítez, who authorized him to travel to pursue one of the great opportunities in his career.

“Four years ago I was sitting at home, taking a complete break from my professional life and wondering what was going to happen? , With everyone you that i treasure and love…”, said Tania Rincon.

The former host of “Come the Joy” revealed that will travel to qatar As part of the squad for the World Cup, which means it will be his third coverage of a similar sporting event. instead it stays Marisol GonzalezJoe was already part of the team in the program, but decided to leave it in order to be able to spend more time with his family, as he himself declared.

Marisol Gonzalez replaces Tania Rincon. Photo: IG @marisolglzc

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