Andrea Lagaretta hits out in tight gold leggings that show off her curves

Andrea Lagaretta Confirmed as one of the most beautiful conductors of dawn”barge” In a flirtatious look. The presenter shone on the small screen and on social networks with a . tight gold leggings with whom he great influence Ali show your curves Posing from behind, images for which she has received thousands of “likes” and hundreds of flattering comments from her fans, she never misses an opportunity to remind her how much they love her.

Presenter, mother of two daughters and singer’s wife Eric RubinHas become a fashion reference for women over the age of 50, and she shows it with every outfit she displays at events and social networks such as instagram or facebookWith which she makes it clear that age doesn’t matter when it comes to dressing with style, without neglecting coziness and sensuality.

Andrea Lagaretta shines in a fit look and falls in love

pebbles confirmed this Wednesday that she isn’t afraid to try out new designs, because although we almost always see her in dresses, long or short, this time she captivated her millions of followers with one outfit. skinny pantsA garment that was perfect to highlight her curvy and slim silhouette.

Hoy has confirmed Andrea as the Queen of Style. Photo: IG @andrealegarreta

“#Wednesday I send you a million kisses! Today I decided to shine like gold with these golden leather #leggings! I loved them!” wrote the actress and model along with the photos in which she poses from the stage She was seen posing with her impact look of “Hoy” in which she paired gold with black in a perfect way.

andrea She has already received over 50,000 “likes” and hundreds of comments on her Instagram post, including her partner’s morning, Tania RinconActress Anna Martin And the beautiful Eugenia Cuduro, who recently revealed her immense transformation by losing 18 kg.

In photos shared by Hoy’s presenter, she is seen wearing gold slim leggingsA trendy piece that she paired with a black blouse with feather detailing at the cuffs and neck, which she complemented with a thick belt, and to give a chic touch to the outfit, she opted for patent leather sneakers.

The driver imposes style with his looks. Photo: IG @andrealegarreta

The beautiful presenter, Mia and Nina’s mother, has been crowned the Queen of Style and is one of the most beautiful hosts of Televisa’s morning show, in which she wows her millions of fans with her looks. influenceAs she did with this metallic-style outfit, which she paired with feathers to give it texture and originality.

andrea She began her career as a girl in television commercials, and although she tried her luck in music and acting, it is her work as a presenter that set her apart, as she was certainly impressed by her charisma and beauty. Has managed to win over its audience with ,

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Andrea Lagaretta exudes elegance with fishnet stockings and a black sequin dress

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