Andrea Lagaretta: The risky outfit that highlights her great body at 51

Again, Andrea Lagaretta He became a sensation on the social network after he shared a picture in which he showed that he maintains an enviable figure at the age of 51 and millions of followers on Instagram told him.

For more than 20 years, the main image of the famous host has been today’s program, so practically anything you share on your social networks goes viral in a matter of minutes. His recent picture was no exception as it received an excellent response from internet users.

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Andrea Lagaretta boasts of beauty on Instagram

Apart from shining on the small screen, Andrea Lagaretta She has established herself as a fashion benchmark by uploading photos to Instagram in which she shows off the best clothes she wears to steal everyone’s eyes at each of the most-watched morning broadcasts in Mexico.

few days ago that too The actress called a lot She grabbed attention after posing herself with a risky look in which she highlighted her toned legs. So that his followers could consider him, he uploaded an image that immediately caught the attention of all internet users.

From the stage of the Hoy program, Andrea Lagaretta showed that age is just a number by modeling a little black dress that she complemented with high leather boots. To give a touch of elegance to the clothes, she used expensive jewelry.

As expected, the publication went viral within minutes, receiving over nine thousand likes and endless comments to date, highlighting how great she looks with the type of clothes she wears. She is crowned as the true queen of fashion.

“Beautiful”, “Divine” and “Elegant” were some of the comments received by the television star.

Photo: Instagram/@andrealegarreta

Andrea Lagaretta and her life away from today

In addition to his role as host of the program Today, Andrea Lagaretta She has shown that she lives a lavish life on social networks as she enjoys the best of luxuries in the company of her husband, Eric Rubin, and their two daughters, Mia and Nina Rubina,

Often, the Rubin Lagaretta family travels deep into the best corners of the world. Few months back he was in Indonesia and earlier he used to travel to Netherlands, New York and other expensive tourist destinations.

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