Andrea Legaretta reveals her secret to producing collagen and having porcelain skin at age 50

It Looks Like Andrea Legarreta, 50, Has The Key To Eternal YouthBecause with each passing year he starts looking younger. So much so that his two teenage daughters look like his sisters. but What is the secret of your looking so young?He himself recently confessed on his social networks and apparently in key A Cosmetic treatment that helps you produce natural collagen and have porcelain skin.

Andrea Legaretta’s secret to having porcelain skin and producing collagen

Eric Rubin’s wife confessed that in order to get a complexion without wrinkles or blemishes, she goes to a cosmetic center, where they inject her with a little ‘Baby Botox’ and do some demonstrations. Non-invasive beauty treatments that help hydrate your skin and stimulate the production of collagen in the skin at age 50.

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Andrea Legaretta’s secret to having porcelain skin. Photo: Instagram

What is Baby Botox?

Baby Botox involves applying a very small dose of botulinum toxin to the face, neck or chest. To prevent expression lines from appearing, However, it differs from ordinary Botox in that its effects are less marked and more natural. For which dozens of celebrities like andrea legareta they like it

Andrea Legaretta Treatment to produce collagen at 50
Andrea Legaretta Treatment to produce collagen at age 50. Photo: Instagram

More Facials!

But in addition to applying Baby Botox to the lips, face and neck, the host also performs other types of treatments, such as peeling, which removes all grime and dead cells from the face. and a process in which the factors are integrated into your skin Produce collagen and have porcelain skin.

However, remember that there are also home remedies made from natural ingredients that can take the place of these expensive treatments and that will help you Skin looks like porcelain at age 50,

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