Andrea Legarreta leaves little to the imagination in a mini dress with a plunging neckline. photos

one more time, Andrea Lagaretta She became a sensation on the social network after sharing a few photos on her Instagram account, in which the 51-year-old looked incredible in a dress with a plunging neckline that styled her figure.

Before her millions of followers on Instagram, the star host today’s program She shared several photos in which she established herself as the true queen of fashion, which is perfect for the current fall season and her loyal fans told her.

Andrea Lagaretta shines in a dress

in the recent broadcast of televisa morningThe model also stole everyone’s eyes for this she wore a yellow flirty dress, showing that fashion is a part of her day to day as she always looks fabulous.

In the first picture we see the television star sitting on a ladder and showing in more detail the yellow dress that suit her. Fans were stunned by the plunging neckline she wore and her statuesque leg.

Photo: Instagram/@andrealegarreta

in next post, Andrea Lagaretta From the Hoy show, she stole thousands of likes by showing off her seductive legs and beautiful sneakers with which she completed her look, which is completely black. Fans had no choice but to kneel before her stunning figure.

As expected, the Televisa affiliate’s publication went unnoticed, reaching over 14 thousand likes and endless comments so far, highlighting how great the host looks with that type of clothing. . ,

“Beautiful”, “sexy” and “unique” were some of the comments received by the television star on the social network.

Photo: Instagram/@andrealegarreta

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