Andres Garcia is serious, says his wife; “They even took it with excrement”

Andres Garcia is serious, after a week ago she was taken to the emergency hospital Falling in his home in Acapulco, he revealed this His wife, Margarita Portillo.

Due to this episode, he was taken to the hospital by ambulance. Later he returned home, but he did the same to her oxygen tankso that he can be healthy.

in interview with TVY NovelasPortillo assured that by November 17, the first actor presented serious health condition because it has aLung infection.

“He came home with a very high temperature and a very complex picture of anemia. He also developed an abscess on one of his legs, which is very, very swollen.”

Andres García’s health concerns after he arrives in an ambulance; they found him passed out

He remarked that the actor’s health had become complicated after that. took a meal that your metabolism can no longer process, such as fried chicken and wine, This gave him diarrhoea.

According to Portillo, Andres Garcia started neglecting his health After that he decided to stay alone in his house. The woman preferred to go because she didn’t want trouble.

“For about three weeks I did not hear from him, until the lady who worked there informed me that he was mistaken, that one day he was lying on the floor, locked in his room and they could not enter “

He commented that those who work in the house with Andrés García they don’t care enough for itbecause he knows he’s in scandalous situation and in unhygienic conditions.

“They even put dried feces on her feet. The whole house was full of that. The bathroom, a terrible thing”

That’s why she was taken to the hospital by ambulance Lost the right to medical insurance provided to actors by ANDA, so actor must pay for it Counseling and treatment on your own.


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