Andres Garcia left a message for the youth before leaving this world

andres garcia

The 81-year-old actor seems to be slowly recovering, after leaving his followers concerned about his health condition, even as he claimed to have been there shortly after his departure and on several occasions. It is said that we are living the last days. Of Andres Garcia.

The deceitful female actor has already arranged her will and who will keep her assets, but in her final days she wants to leave a message for the youth who want to follow in her footsteps, as he assures her that she is invincible. was and continued with the life of his excesses, thinking they would never take their toll.

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He damaged the marriage of Miguel Varoni, but sold his photographs to make a living.

The luxury mansion in which Fernando Colunga lives alone with his parents

For this reason he has asked all his followers to drink in moderation, as he has assured that it is not necessary to reach the limit to be enjoyed, which is very ironic because if one knows who takes the parties to the limit. So this is Andres Garcia.

Andres García clings to life to fulfill his last dream

And it is precisely to record his bio-series, the same one which already has many years in preparation, the actor assures that this is the last thing he lacks. And they are finalizing the details to record in Ajusco and Acapulco, where he has lived for the past few years.

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