Andres Garcia owes the only woman that drove him insane

andres garcia

Andrés García confessed to being madly in love with Sylvia Pinal, but never told her how he felt for her, as it “shocked her” and did not dare to admit how much he liked her. does, and it drove him crazy.

However, during the making of a photonovela in the 70s, the actor had the opportunity to share a bed with the great diva of Mexican cinema. But they didn’t give him “compliance” to show his abilities “just in time”.

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And it is that during the bed scene with Sylvia Pinal, the actor, who was accompanied by thousands of women, felt self-conscious when the director told him that his clothes were noticeable and that he had to undress. The first actress would get under the covers and take off her clothes, and when he told the actor that he could go to bed with her, he couldn’t answer and froze.

Andres Garcia wanted to run

“So, under the sheets she took off what she was wearing and said to me: ‘You can come in’, but I can’t, I had to take my time to calm down because I got ‘chivy,’ I was embarrassed Be intimate with him in that moment. What happens is that I liked it a lot and it hooked me a lot, ”Andres García confessed to Notimax.

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