Andres Garcia reappears after an overdose and sends a message to Leonardo Garcia.

Andres Garcia reappears after an overdose, sending a message to his son. Photo: Darkroom

Andres Garcia He reappeared after his wife, Margarita Portillo, confirmed that he had tested positive for cocaine. through it official youtube channel, Veteran actors appeared quite tiredto send messages to your child Leonardo Garciawhom Stranger as family There asked to close,

“Leonardo, stop talking nonsense and stop talking nonsense and lying.”

Andres Garcia

Warning: The following content contains language that may be offensive. Prudence is advised.

seen tired why assisted with oxygen, Andres Garcia He responded to the controversy that started after a statement released by Leonardo García, in which he said that his father’s current partner prevented them from living together as a family.

According to the veteran actor who conquered beautiful women in his youth, his son Leonardo Garcia not tried help herAs he confirmed in his statement, where he alleged that the reason for his father’s deteriorating condition was bad care Obtained from Margarita Portillo, who also defended herself against the allegations soap opera hero,

“To my worthless son Leonardo, he is the one who has never helped this house… You have helped no one, everyone has helped more than you. Margarita’s son, Andresito; Margarita has taken care of me”.

Andres Garcia

Andrés García doesn’t know Leonardo and gives him some advice

in the video titled “A Message to Leonardo Garcia”The actor, who would have been found lying at his home a few days ago, alleged Leonardo’s mother is to cause What does your child think?

“I don’t know, it must be the pende*** that your mother puts in your head.”

Andres Garcia

Finally, he took the opportunity to Presented And message to the actor, who he demanded to leave his family alonesaying that he It’s not part of it anymore.

“One piece of advice: stop fucking, don’t mess with my family. Leonardo, you’re not part of my family anymore. So stop talking nonsense and talking. Find yourself another family somewhere else, you Don’t be my family, you say pure pende***, you are ashamed and we will see you there, damn your mother”.

Andres Garcia

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