Andres Garcia regrets his cowardice with a woman in his last days

andres garcia

No one can deny that Andres García was one of the most iconic actors and was considered one of the most wanted men for more than 30 years. Her attractive figure and attractive face made her a sex symbol.

It is said that hundreds of women fell at his feet and sought him to spend at least one night with him; In this way he got into many troubles to get involved with married women.

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But as much as he was an undeniable hero, there was one woman who at least once claimed not to make him her lover. This is very Maria Felix, Donna. With whom Andres had a good friendship.

Andres Garcia recalls his love for Maria Felix

“Maria Felix and I loved each other and admired each other a lot and unfortunately I was a little afraid to get into the relationship. And she said to me on one occasion ‘Well, why hinder you and me? Didn’t see me. I don’t have anyone, but my feet are trembling,” the 81-year-old actor revealed.

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