Andres Garcia’s Latest Images Confirm That Drugs Won’t Be The Only Thing Keeping Him In This World

Andres Garcia

We all remember Andres García as a strong and influential man, but only pictures and memories remain of the man who made women go crazy around the world as the actor is now worried about his health, he found out that He has passed out on the floor of his house and now we see him hooked up to an oxygen tank to breathe.

And in the last YouTube video in which the actor appears, you can see him very spoiled, but you can also see the same reason why he is attached to this world. For many it is the care of his wife, Margarita, who keeps him at home and takes care of him with his medicines and needs.

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But for others the 81-year-old actor is kept alive by courage; And it is that in the video that appears on his channel he is seen with a phone in his hand sending a message to his son Leonardo, in which he can be heard angry, and although for him his point is completely It is difficult to speak to listen to anger.

Andres Garcia’s last images

What is said is that the only thing that keeps her going is her anger against her son, and this is what keeps her from being able to rest, except: “Stay away from my family” “Messing with me” Don’t” family” “You are not my family” implies that he feels the need to protect what he considers his family in these last days.

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