Andrew Lincoln’s incredible physical transformation after 9 seasons on The Walking Dead

Andrew Lincoln will return next year with his The Walking Dead spin-off, but fans will be able to see the British actor before long with a surprising new look. The star is starring in a new horror series that recently premiered on Netflix.

Andrew Lincoln let the walking dead In season 9 episode 5 when his character Rick Grimes disappeared in a CRM helicopter after being seriously injured on the banks of the river after the explosion caused him to save his own men from being devoured by hordes of walkers was.

The British actor will return to the franchise next year when his The Walking Dead spin-off premieres AMC, A limited series that he will share with his co-star dania gurira, who plays Michonne in the zombie drama. However, for those who want to enjoy Andrew Lincoln’s performance, you can watch him star in the latest episode of the horror series premiering on Netflix on October 25.

The Walking Dead’s Andrew Lincoln stars in final episode cabinet of curiositiesnew anthology series created by guillermo del toro For the Netflix platform, in which each episode tells a different story. The official synopsis reveals that this horrifying and dazzling horror collection features eight chilling, grotesque, nightmarish tales handpicked by their creator.

According to Andrew Lincoln, the eighth episode is the most terrifying, frightening and sad. Titled “El Murmullo”, it stars the actor under the direction of Jennifer Kent, with a plot based on an original story written by Guillermo del Toro himself. In the series, Lincoln plays Edgar, a grieving father who, along with his wife Nancy, works in the ornithology department at Cornell University.

“When I heard the name Guillermo del Toro, I started taking everything very seriously. I can say the same for Jennifer Kent. I was very excited because The Babadook is an outstanding film,” the actor said in an interaction with Netflix.

Andrew Lincoln joins Netflix in a completely fresh new Guillermo del Toro project

Andrew Lincoln stars in the final episode of Cabinet of Curiosities, the new horror series coming to Netflix

in an interview for netflixAndrew Lincoln stated that he has a special appreciation for horror films, series and stories, particularly the production directed by Kent, Babadook, Along with the actor, the latest episode of Cabinet of Curiosities also features the Australian actress essie davis,

The British star who stars in The Walking Dead is preparing to film a spin-off series. A production that plans to tell an epic love story between Rick Grimes and Michonne. Danai Gurira recently confirmed when they will resume filming on AMC, giving an idea of ​​a possible premiere date.

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