Angela Aguilar: 3 fitted dresses to stand out with elegance

american singer Angela Aguilar, who currently have 19 yearsKnown for being the daughter of the famous Mexican interpreter pepe aguilar, but he also stands out for his voice interpreting regional Mexican and pop music. Plus, she’s a young lady with style and one of the best women to wear tight dresses, so here we show you three of her feel mejores,

fitted royal blue dress

a few weeks ago, the granddaughter of flor sylvestre why Anthony Aguilarclaimed a tight royal blue dress on their social networks. The look was accompanied by black stockings and matching high heels. In return, she put on some bracelets and a beautiful silver necklace. “Oh my favorite color on my favorite person in the whole world”, “beautiful, you make me a lesbian” and “marry me”, were some of the compliments for the young singer on her Instagram account.

Angela is wearing a tight royal blue dress. (Credits: Facebook / Angela Aguilar)

tight red dress

Another impressive look from Angela Aguilar was the one she used at the beginning of the year when she released her album “Mexicana Enmorada” as she flaunted a tight red dress Above the knee. Said dress was accompanied by shoes of the same color and simple makeup. “Precious”, “I love that dress”, “your best picture” and “perfection”, were the reactions of internet users to her post instagram,

Aguilar showed up in a beautiful red dress. (Credits: Facebook / Angela Aguilar)

fitted turquoise blue dress

Undoubtedly, her best outfit for the 19-year-old interpreter was the one she posed with. latin grammy del 2021because she boasted a beautiful and adjusted turquoise blue dress Which surprised everyone. In fact, it was considered one of the best dressed of the night. There were some comments for the singer on the song, such as “so beautiful”, “pretty and pretty dress” and “a complete diva”.La Llorona“y”what pain,

Pepe’s daughter wearing a dress at the 2021 Grammys. (Credits: Facebook / Angela Aguilar)

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