Angela Aguilar and her red dress, with which she caught the sighs and eyes of millions of her followers

with your successful tour “Mexican in Love”Angela Aguilar has toured dozens of cities in the United States and Mexico, with the star recently performing in Merida, Yucatán, where she not only captivated attendees with her talent, but graced the stage with her beauty and demeanor. But also dazzled.

“You have always been the best prize, and always will be. Thank you for so much love and so much energy. The rain brought us so much happiness. Thank you Merida, thank you Xmatkuil. Yucatan, I love you. Over 25,000 hearts. Me Don’t know what I did to deserve such beautiful things. Thank you forever, ”said the famous on his social network.

But the 19-year-old not only went to sing, but also took advantage of it to stay and tour the beautiful city and take some pictures as she posed for a series of images that are available on her Facebook profile. instagramA social network where it has more than ninety million followers who are aware of its every movement.

He has more than 9 million followers on Instagram. IG / Angela_Aguilar_

like a role model, Angela She was photographed in a red dress that highlighted her skin tone and hair, the garment falls down to her ankles but reveals part of her shoulders, a feature that is subject to comment by anyone. Balances it accordingly and makes it fabulous. Who visited his official account.

interpreter of “in reality” and “The One Who Gave You” She completed her look with neutral makeup where her red lips stood out and something simple in her traditional short hair for the hairstyle, which is already a distinctive feature of Pepe Aguilar’s daughter.

He captivated his followers. IG / Angela_Aguilar_

comments from his fans

“I love you Angela, you are a very beautiful woman, I love your smile”, “Your dress is so beautiful… you are the most beautiful”, “I love your music, you are the most beautiful” Ho”, “Wow your dress, it looks great on you. The red color looks incredible on you”, “The most wonderful voice from Mexico, as well as simple and charismatic”, were some of the compliments she received.

Tika – comment. screenshot

It is to be recalled that she was one of the artists invited to the 23rd Latin Grammy Awards held recently las vegasStarr was nominated in two categories: “Best Ranchera/Regional Music Album” with her album “Mexicana Enmorada” and “Best Regional Mexican Song” for her single “Ahi Donde Me Ven”, although she did not win any. did not achieve took the stage to delight the attendees with a show.

His last show was in Mérida, Yucatán. IG / Angela_Aguilar_

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