Angela Aguilar and the way she overtook Grupo Firme with her performance at the CDMX Zocalo

When Grupo Firme held a free concert in Mexico City, it managed to bring together 280,000 people in the Zocalo, thus removing the brand that it had. Vicente Fernandez 219 thousand were in attendance, but it is now said that this figure was surpassed by Angela Aguilar, who was in charge of the entertainment of the after-party held on the occasion of the parade. The day of death

Since this news was announced by government officials, that it would be Angela Aguilari The man in charge of singing that day, thousands of people were excited to hear what they believed in the promises of ranchera music.

At the end of Pepe Aguilar’s daughter’s participation, Schaumbaum stated that the event had gathered a total of one million people, but the exact number that the singer would go on to see could not be confirmed, he only reported the total number. Released program with musical presentation and parade.

Whether it has overtaken Grupo Firme or not, Angela She appeared as a great star and what attracted the most attention was the outfit she came out with to sing the song, which was made of sempaschil flowers on the skirt, while on the top it was black. which revealed some transparency and brightness.

What dress did you wear? dark room

Angela Aguilar and her songs

Some of the songs that people appreciated are “Malaguena” and “Weeping”Two songs that are part of Mexican culture that the 19-year-old has made known to the world through her clothes and her voice.

It should be remembered that as firm groupAngela did not charge anything for the event, it was a gift she wanted to give to all the people, an act that was appreciated by the government cabinet. “We are going to close the parade with Angela Aguilar who, as Grupo Firme, is giving us the concert, a milestone in regional Mexican music and is going to close the parade for us,” They said. Claudia Curiel de Icazatitle of Ministry of Culture.

After the completion cdmxflew to angela GuadalajaraJalisco to prepare for its performance on Sunday, 30 October Benito Juarez Auditorium like a part october partiesWhere he mesmerized even those who did not stop chanting his hits.

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