Angela Aguilar applies fashion with an embroidered crop top with multicolored flowers

Las fall season trends They are about to expire due to the onset of winter, so it is important that you start using them well before their use-by time expires. And within this type of garment, country-style crop tops stand out, characterized by bare shoulders and a sort of “poncho” fabric that forms a perfect mini cape, just like the one she’s wearing. Angela Aguilar,

However, the design bearing “princess of mexican territory“Stands out not only for its cut, but for its colorful design, which combines various superimposed flowers, which are chained to each other at the bottom and overlapped at the top.

In both cases however, the colorful detailing is made with embroidery, which is attributed to the Mexican roots. Angela Aguilarwho have always been proud of their Mexican ancestry, which can be seen in the costumes they use in their productions, which always show off their cultural heritage.

Angela Aguilar looked like this on the social network

Interestingly, most of the designs clothing worn by angela aguilar In their concerts they come from his or her mother’s mind, supported by professional designers and ex-grandfather of the singer, manage to execute the ideas they have in mind to create wonderful designs, which We occasionally see him in his films. music program. presentations.

And as a curious fact, these costumes are not used on too many occasions, since after some time they are also donated to the fans of the singer, because of what she confessed in an interview with Pati Chapoy, According to her, she receives messages from quinceañeras asking for her help in finding a dream dress and that is when she enters as the dowry godmother.

But, back to the photos you shared this weekend. Angela AguilarIt should be noted how successful it was to pair her multicolored embroidered blouse with denim jeans, as it balanced the focus of the look in equal parts, creating harmony in the outfit.

Do you love Angela Aguilar’s embroidered crop top?

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