Angela Aguilar Confesses How She’s Changed After Her Leaked Photos “Scandal”

Angela Aguilar in The Faux File of The Savage x Fenty Show Vol. 4. (Photo by Emma McEntire / Getty Images for Rihanna’s Savage x Fenty Show Vol. 4 Presented by Prime Video)

In April 2022, Mexican singer and songwriter Angela Aguilar found herself in the eye of a storm for a topic that had little to do with her professional career. The young artist saw how her personal life became public due to the leaking of some private pictures with her boyfriend at the time, musician Gussie Lau. But it was not until now that the best daughter of Pepe Aguilar and Annalize Álvarez spoke openly on the subject with journalist Jorge Ramos in the program something personal,

When the incidents happened, the regional music star said he felt very bad. “I feel infringed on my being able to have my own privacy and be able to make decisions about my life, my body, my image,” she said. According to her, the biggest mistake she made was trusting a man she shouldn’t have, she said in reference to Lau, who is 15 years older than her and confirmed with photos that she had a courtship with the artist.

“It is not just an image that is being circulated but it has been affected professionally, financially, not to mention love. What face can I give to my family because although I did not agree (with pictures) ) I put myself in this situation and that was wrong on my part and that was my fault”, were part of the words expressed by Aguilar in a video when the images were leaked.

However, all this experience helped the artist to practice introspection and learn from the bad, as she told a Mexican journalist. “My lesson, as it’s always been, and my mistakes that I’ve made in the past, the result is always to listen to your parents a little more,” he admitted. His father, who was present at the interview, said that “we all learned from this situation,” which he acknowledged, “handled as a family”.

Gussie Lau is 15 years older than Angela Aguilar, but that doesn't represent her for him.  A problem (Photo by Shay McGraw/WireImage).

Gussie Lau is 15 years older than Angela Aguilar, but that wasn’t a problem for her (Photo by Shay McGrath/WireImage)

The photos, in which the couple is seen kissing each other on the mouth and their tongues are visible, should not have left the personal zone, according to the artist. The interpreter says that now, more than ever, she has understood the need to have “more personal things” and “it is better to choose the people with whom she surrounds herself.”

On his part, Gussie Lau said that after the images were leaked and generated so much scandal “I honestly feel sorry for her being attacked (…) She never had any scandal, I say.” It was a kiss, but it was still a scandal (…) I think a lot of coal was thrown into the fire. Regarding the age difference between the two, the musician announced “I come from a family come on, i have many friends from my parents who are 10 years apart [en la misma situación]So it’s not a problem for me.”

On another occasion, Lau said about the subject and the photos being leaked, “It’s better to have your heart in a thousand pieces, but your conscience in one piece, we know we worked well. That’s foreign to me.” Was. The one who is said to have leaked it, I will never do that. Nothing else, and nothing remains to be learned. After the break, distance is better, no point in continuing to be in full maturity Not there “.

Pepe Aguilar, Angela’s father, also found himself in a position where he had to speak on the subject at the request of the press. The artist’s father, Pepe Aguilar, has spoken for the first time about what happened. In the ‘Despierta América’ space, the Mexican artist expressed about the scandal “Well, it affected her more, me what? Every person’s life is every person’s life, it affected her more and it affected me more than her.” Yes (…) It was not easy for his daughter but it served her as an apprenticeship”.

Pepe and Angela maintain a very close relationship, not only because they share an artistic vocation, but because they have a special natural affinity. “Dear daughter, we wish all of you present here lots of life, lots of career, lots of health, lots of happiness, may you make good decisions and may this new year be full of blessings, Happy Birthday @angela_aguilar_” , were the words that the artist dedicated to his daughter in a video for her 19th birthday. With a family like this, the fear of making mistakes should definitely be less.

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