Angela Aguilar Has a Double: They Catch an Airline Employee Who Looks Like the Singer

Angela Aguilar has a double. Photo: Darkroom

Angela Aguilar has become one of the singers plus Dear Regional Mexican, it causes a stir where it stops, and although there are possibilities To see him AirportYou gotta pay attention, cause it could be yours Double: One young man who works in a airline and what does it resemble Famous this is done viral facts In social network.

In a video going viral on the digital platform, you can see that this girl is very similar to whose famous daughter pepe aguilarwho has weird style And has boasted of an incredible makeover.

the young woman caught on video has a haircut similar to handsome member From Aguilar Dynasty.

In the video, he takes a humorous take on the situation and asks if Angela AguilarInterpreter of “Tell Me How You Want It” Works In Airport,

It seems like? In the networks they react to the double of Angela Aguilar

After the publication of the images, many users of social networks and followers of the interpreter reacted why divided opinion about it, since some affirmed that it was Work one of Shortage of respect to the girl who was told Double of Angela Aguilar.

“She doesn’t look at all like Angela Aguilar, not at all”, “What a lack of respect. Recording without someone’s permission”, “Promoting bullying”, “How talented, she even speaks Chinese”, “This Don’t look alike at all, both have very different characteristics, both working women, each in their own way”. They are part of the comments that can be read on the post.

However, one of the most attention-grabbing responses was leonardo aguilarSinger’s brother, who was taken along Humor Situation i am laughing publication,

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