Angela Aguilar stole the look on Instagram with long boots and super tight jeans

Angela Aguilar She is one of the most recognized singers of the moment, who, in addition to being admired for her musical talent, is recognized by her followers because of her great sense of fashion, which she constantly shows on social networks where she share some. Her best outfits, which range from sexy dresses to tight jeans, are just like the ones she showed off this afternoon.

So this Tuesday in one of his publications, called “princess of mexican territoryShe showed off her enviable silhouette wearing a long black jacket, shoes in the same tone and fitted jean pants that helped show off her legs in a very subtle way.

Not to mention that with the picture, Angela Aguilar She also took the opportunity to show off her new makeover, with the pretty singer saying goodbye to her classic short hair and hello to some pretty wavy hair extensions that gave her a sensuous air.

Angela Aguilar rocked the social network with this look

And what’s different though watch angela aguilar They are fitted jeans of the singer, it should be noted that the shoes of the youngest of the Aguilar dynasty are quite appropriate for the winter season, which despite not yet arriving in Mexico, is only a few days away from arriving.

So if you want to be equally fashionable Explanation of “what suffering” Don’t hesitate to use the tall suede boots you see in the picture, as they will allow you to stay warm and comfortable in this cold weather that is expected to be very intense.

As for accessories, Angela Aguilar He limited himself to using only rings, which gave a special touch to his look, because being metal they created a perfect contrast with his outfit, which was in matte tones such as black and gray blue of the singer’s pants. Focuses on colour.

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