Angela Aguilar stuns the network with a black minidress that exposes her mini waist

The faces of famous people have always given much to talk about, but they Angela Aguilar They have something in particular and that is that they are ideal for young people by following the trends of each season, or showing off with the most daring designs, as they did recently with jumpsuits with a clear neckline displayed with which he was crowned by all. One fashion, In the same day, the singer surprised with two fashion chairs that matched the previous outfit and one with another a mini dress.

Although it is very common to see Angela Aguilar Leggings, coats, embroidered dresses or corsets stand out to define your look mini belt, On this occasion, she rarely caused a stir by showing her figure in the form of a dignified person. black mini dress It can also be compared to “Revenge” worn by Lady Di or Shakira. Of course, true to its style, the design stands out for its very youthful and chic touch with which it took the net by storm.

Famous is the most important fashion icon of the moment. (Photo: IG @angela_aguilar_)

This is how Pepe Aguilar’s daughter steals everyone’s eyes in front of the mirror

Through his official Instagram account, where he already has more than 9 million followers, the regional Mexican interpreter caused a sensation by demonstrating that a short dress can also be used during winter And to maintain elegance is the perfect color negro Combined with golden accessories which further help to highlight the look. Of course, with this outfit she also gave a great fashion lesson in which she found Neck Perfect for young ladies.

with which the coveted apparel Angela Aguilar Paralyzed network stands out in a way fit body, Ideal for showing off a silhouette full of curves and a mini belt Like a singer On the other hand, a very short skirt stands out above mid-calf, creating the effect of kilometer legs to elongate the figure, a trick that she resorts to despite her height.

With regard to the area of ​​the blouse, it is impossible not to notice french necklineAlso known as “square”, in which precisely this geometric shape highlights the neck and is accompanied by straps short dress, Although you may not see as many details as possible embroidery or sequins on the front of the mirror, this elegant and discreet model is perfect for stealing all the eyes and imposing fashion.

This is the minidress with which Angela Aguilar sighs. (Photo: IG @angela_aguilar_)

Angela Aguilar Being a true fashionista, she knows that no look is complete without accessories and although on other occasions she has surprised with loads of jewelry, one to show dress Precious as it is, she only added a watch and gold bracelets, which are ideal to give her extra touch of glamor for image. On the other hand, a handbag gets black in design while the gold chain strap maintains harmony in the look.

Finally, in this picture in front of a mirror that she shared on the occasion of a friend’s birthday, she concluded her fashion class by demonstrating that women sandals have never gone out of fashion and that helps put the final touches elegance for any outfit.

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