Angela Aguilar sweeps in for autumn with a cute and tight leather look

Angela Aguilar continues to add to the successes in his career as a singer of Regional Mexican And she doesn’t hesitate to combine her passion for the podium with fashion, as she has also become a benchmark for MPsalm and Style With organizations worthy of replication that manage to inspire their followers. like the most recent with a tight jumpsuit leather and platform shoes, ideal for Fall,

in his youth,Regional Mexican Princess“breaks through the industry with her vocal talents and continues the legacy that was started in Golden Cinema Thanks to her grandparents, Antonio Aguilar and Flor Silvestre, she inspires each of her outfits for her productions, which are elaborate and full of impressive color that pays homage to the culture and Mexican Traditions.

View by Angela Aguilar. Photo: IG @angela_aguilar_

Offstage, the interpreter of “In Reality” stays on trend and attracts attention looks like Perfect for every occasion. This was displayed along with his latest picture in which he flaunts his fit bust jumpsuit strapless Made of leather, a material that is gaining popularity Fall Thanks to its versatility and comfort in low temperatures.

She teamed it with a matching long-sleeve neck blouse with some high heel shoes, It’s an eye-catching monochromatic look that’s perfect for an elegant and glamorous touch that kicks off romantic outfits. a little touch of color was added yellow bag and tone rojo On her lips, which is already a hallmark of the singer.

Risky look by Angela Aguilar. Photo: IG @angela_aguilar_

From singer to model with Rihanna

The youngest daughter of Pepe Aguilar has managed to achieve success not only as a regional Mexican singer, but also to make her way into fashion thanks to her impeccable taste and for this reason she started as a model “Savage x Fenty”famous lingerie brands from Rihanna,

Interpreter of last October “umbrella” The big surprise was the announcement via social networks to the celebrities who would be part of the special event with which he would present the new clothes of his brand Angela Aguilar It has since marked his arrival on the catwalk.

The 19-year-old singer left her more than 8 million followers on Instagram breathless by sharing a preview of her red carpet outfit for the event, swapping long dresses and corsets for a risky look. purple bodysuit Featuring a plunging neckline, while a slim mesh drape covered the legs.

Angela Aguilar started off as a model with Rihanna’s brand. Photo: IG @angela_aguilar_

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