Angela Aguilar turns up the temperature with a natural snap

without a drop of makeupWith casuals and a ranch in paradise in Puerto Rico, it’s like Beautiful Angela Aguilar went natural on her Instagram profile, The beautiful regional Mexican singer took some days off after almost 2023, achieving success in several solo performances or with her famous father, José Antonio, “Pepe” Aguilar.

there were two postcards that he uploaded instagram angela aguilar, In the first we see him smiling, leaning against a fine wooden railing and The beautiful sea of ​​San Juan, Puerto Rico in the background, The look that the fine singer used was black denim jeans and a simple ivory top. Thanks to the images we were able to confirm Angela Aguilar has a small waist and curvy figure,

Angela loves the beach. Photo: @angela_aguilar_

Angela Aguilar stuns the net with a tight black jumper with a plunging neckline

Angela took a few days off

In the second picture we see a relaxed Angela Aguilar without any stress and enjoying a sunny afternoon in San Juan, She was also barefoot on the terrace when she climbed over the railing to take pictures. Pepe Aguilar’s daughter’s accessories were simple beaded bracelets, glasses to cover her eyes, and gold earrings. Angela’s hairstyle was short and tousled above her shoulders, look natural enough,

Angela was overjoyed. Photo: @angela_aguilar_

Thanks To These Photos, Angela Aguilar’s Fame Inflates Like Foam Until It Exceeds 9 million followers on instagram why TikTok has over 10.4 million followers on the social video network, In both networks he shares his day to day, his concerts and even the amazing clothes he will wear to the awards.

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