Angela Aguilar uses a tie belt so her pants don’t fall down and it looks great on her

Angela Aguilar It is a benchmark not only for Mexican music, but also for fashion, because of the luxurious and designer outfits worn by the successors through its social networks. “Charro from Mexico”, But this time there was a detail that the fans and those who are not so many did not miss. It is learned that on a recent visit to Mérida, the interpreter of “Where They See Me” She posted a series of pictures on Instagram, where she can be seen wearing a traditional blouse embroidered with colorful flowers and denim pants, which apparently did not fit her very well and she had to tie bows to make them fit. Had to resort to old technology. everything was OK.

The young woman assumed he was drinking, while the rear ends of the pants had a nice tie that looked like a rope, but the compliments didn’t wait, among them: “handsome” and “what a nice belt.”

grammy is not given

It was last Thursday the 17th that the gala awarding the best of Latin music took place and where, as it should be, the so-called “Princess of Mexican Music” was presented, it is worth remembering that it was in 2018 when she The night took off with an interpretation of “La Llorona”, however, with the return of the party Grammy Latino In this 2022 the daughter of Pepe Aguilar, arrives with two nominations under her arm: as “Best New Artist” and “Best Ranchera Music Record”.

Although expectations were high, the young woman did not win in both categories, losing to Christian Nodal in the Ráchera Music shortlist and to Angela Álvarez and Silvana Estrada in Best New Artist.

However, the Mexican music singer’s performance lit up the stage again, and this time she sang her hit “En Realidad” and received applause from the audience that if she stood out for anything at the ceremony, it was because she loved music. Knows. Angela showed her growth as a performer and maturity as she danced and performed like one of the greats. Already looking forward to the next edition where he will surely win an award.

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video | Angela Aguilar and the way she dresses when she doesn’t want to go unnoticed and not be recognized on the street

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