Angela Aguilar’s double that no one knew and annoyed the singer

Angela Aguilar meets her double and makes her furious

Angela Aguilar is the new jewel that regional Mexican music has, she has become one of the most iconic stars of our culture thanks to her peculiar voice and her uniquely distinctive costumes, she has shown that at the age of 19 she has great talent Keys that she inherited from her father and grandparents, which made her one of the public’s favorites.

Thanks to her talent and her peculiar style that Angela Aguilar possesses, she has millions of fans who try to imitate certain things about the singer, as recently the princess of the Mexican regional was surprised when she shared a picture of her. Meet the double, it was a concert of her father Pepe Aguilar in the city of Monterey at the time of the incident.

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Although at first this caused innovation in the singer and Pepe Aguilar, due to the great resemblance between Angela Aguilar’s double, the singer was upset after a comment made by her father, which mentioned that she was younger than her real daughter. The joke was beautiful, but it seems the princess of the Mexican regional didn’t take it that way and was furious.

Angela Aguilar’s Double That Made Her Furious

Who is Angela Aguilar’s double?

Everyone thinks it’s a fan but it’s actually a young man behind the double of Angela Aguilar, originally from Monterrey, known as Adrian, who shot a video that circulated on the internet and found Mexican Made news for them about the princess. Territorial and his father showed up in the city that they took the opportunity to meet their double.

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