Angela Aguilar’s mom Anneliese is celebrating and here are the photos that show she’s inherited beauty from her 2 daughters

Aguilar dynasty, most famous in Mexico Celebrating because a family member is celebrating his birthday, this is Annelies Alvarez, wife and mother of three of four children pepe aguilarThey are Anneliese, 24, Leonardo, 23, and Angela, 19.

It was through the celebrities’ official accounts that they delivered the good news, but what garnered the most attention from the publications was that they Anneliz (first daughter) and Angela (youngest daughter), both of them uploaded a count of several images where they appear with their mother and where they show that they have inherited their mother’s beauty and mannerisms.

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But besides being a very loving mother, Anneliz Music plays a very important role within the project of his loved ones on the scene and on stage, although he is not dedicated to singing, he is behind the logistics, the videos of the songs of each concert of each tour and even That each interview is attended by her children or her husband.


It was Leonardo who, in a conversation with Pepe Garza, assured that his mother was one of the best ideas for his family’s projects, also revealing that he wanted to include the song “Lorona” by Angela Aguilar. Had taken the initiative. list of performances. , a piece for which she is now recognized worldwide and which marked a before and after of her development as a star.

More about Aneliz Aguilar

annelise aguilar and Pepe Aguilar met during the recording of a music video, but it was not her now husband but Antonio Aguilar Jr. and Don Antonio Aguilar. It was in 1997 when they decided to marry, although it should be noted that she was not the first wife of the “Por Mujeres Como Tu” interpreter, he was already married to Carmen Treviño, with whom he had children. . Emiliano Aguilar.

According to various publications it is mentioned annelise aguilar The singer’s inspiration for the theme was “For Women Like You”Another one of the singer’s most popular tunes that marked the professional career of the Mexican regional interpreter, as they took a break in their romance during the year 1996 and were never to see each other again.

now next to annelise pepe aguilar They live a happy moment with their relatives and also with their puppies “thick” And they enjoy all the adventures they live on tours with “Jaripios Sin Fronteras” as well as at the El Soyte ranch in Zacatecas.

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The Aguilar dynasty: this is the key role of Annelise Álvarez in the success of Angela and Leonardo

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