Angelica Maria is the last to kiss a famous actor, now the world mourns his passing

Internationally recognized beautiful singer, actress and impersonator “Girlfriend of Mexico”Stays up to date by considering participating in interesting artistic projects supported by the most important streaming companies around the world.

One of his most recent works, he performed it in the film “Not So Nice Christmas”second part of saga “If not a father then a father”, Said film was made and released in December 2021, broke the records of viewing and popularity due to the great emotion generated in the audience.

More news about Angelica Maria:

In the film, Angelica portrays the antagonist—and at the same time in love—with the character played by recently deceased hector bonillaA duet that won over audiences of all ages because of the characters’ humour, charisma, sensitivity and overwhelming empathy.

“Alicia” and unforgettable”Don Servando”, performed by the Hartmann-Bonilla duo, shows that love can be born, grow and grow stronger at any age, and that despite two grown-ups living separate lives, the desire to be together Can remove any obstacle. The film ends with a moving scene between the first actors, where They seal their new love with a kiss Which makes anyone’s skin dry.

the one who made history

Since the film’s release, the unexpected kiss The pairing of Angelica and Bonilla has caused deep feelings of tenderness and affection among the audience; But without first imagining it, the scene has now become an unforgettable moment for fans of Mexican cinema, because This was love’s last kiss that Hector Bonilla gave in his respectable artistic career, and he will undoubtedly be indelible to history.

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