Angelica Maria: The day she dazzled with her beauty in a flashy miniskirt and top look

actress and singer Angelica Maria is one of the starting stars in gold cinema and jumped as a young artist in the ’60s, when the rock and roll genre hit the big screen, and although he didn’t always show a flirtatious but provocative image, on one occasion, the so-called “Novia de México” stunned in a revealing miniskirt and top With shine, stealth flashes like never before seen.

Angelica Maria Hartmann Ortiz, the artist’s full name, was born on September 27, 1944 in New Orleans, Louisiana, United States. She began her career as an actress when she was less than 10 years old, playing a child, and as a teenager became an idol of the first era of rock and roll in Mexico. She is also known as the “Bride of Youth”, she is known for her performances. Enrique Guzmán, Cesar Costa and Alberto Vazquez,

The day she dazzled in a miniskirt and top

during his early career angelica Showing a youthful image, but without using very flashy clothing, there are few images from those years in which the actress and singer appeared in bikini-like outfits, so an image that circulated on social networks delighted and surprised her fans. given, because it shows her more clearly than the clothes she wears on other occasions.

Angelica Maria won the hearts of the public with her alluring look. Photo: TW @andresguzbj

,Angelica Maria, For the first time with complete success in her nightclub debut in 1971, she donned the slightly daring outfits she considered the sweetheart of her youth, impressing everyone with her dressing, singing and dancing on stage”, are the words with which Andres Guzmán’s Twitter account, dedicated to recalling moments and experiences of the past, published the image that has been repeated by many fans of the beautiful artist.

Although the exact date or place of taking the snapshot is not known, it is observed Angelica Maria holding a microphone and showing off her figure in a bubbly dress as she wears it mini skirt in white color that stands out for its design transparensisWhile the top which matches the piece is short and embellished with rhinestones which gives it the perfect touch to dazzle, as did the actress and singer that day.

Mexican bride and her youth

after passing through gold cinema Being a girl, at a time when she was recognized for her performance in the film “My Wife and the Other”, with which she won Ariel, when she was only 6 years old, for 1955, Rita Macedo called her in ” Called to act” La mala ced”, which marked her theatrical debut. Thanks to its success, it became the “Bride of Youth” and, later, journalist Octavio de Alba named it “The Bride of Mexico”.

The actress stood out for her beauty. Photo: Special

In 1966, angelica He traveled to Spain, and made the film “Frey Torrero”, a year later he filmed what is considered his best film: “5 Chocolates and 1 Strawberry”. In 1968, he switched record companies and recorded a Spanish version of the Italian song “Cuando Me Enamoro”. He ventured out with four more albums, and in 1969 he released two LPs. “, one of his first major roles.

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