Angelique Bauer paralyzed the network with a tight swimsuit

Angelique Boyer is a model and actress born in France, but who became a Mexican citizen. Thanks to his various roles in soap operas, he managed to win the love of all audiences and won many awards for his work in the acting world for his performances. actor’s partner Sebastian Rully She never misses the chance to show that she is one of the most beautiful women of all and raised the temperature of Instagram by showing off her figure in a tight swimsuit.

yes ok Angelique Boyer Born in France, she moved with her family to our country and began studying at various dance and acting schools. Her debut as an actress was in 2004’s ‘Hearts to the Limit’ and then she got to be part of the cast of the telenovela ‘Ribelde’ along with Anahi, Maite Peroni and other members of RBD. For this 2022, the model will also be part of a new project called ‘El Amor Invincible’, where she will be accompanied by Ecuadorian actor Danilo Carrera as a partner and will air very soon on Canal de las Estrellas.

French-born actress Angelique Boyer. Source Instagram @angeliqueboyer

since 2015 Angelique Boyer Also maintains courtship with Argentine-born actor Sebastian Rulli. The two met after starring in several soap operas together. The flame of love must have started when both of them were part of ‘Kya Zindagi Ne Mujhse Churaiya’ and from there their story began. Today they are one of the cutest couples in the entertainment world.

Angelique Bauer and Sebastian Rully. Source Instagram @sebastianrulli

where through your Instagram account Angelique Boyer She has over 1.4 million followers, she was in charge of demonstrating why she is one of the most beautiful women of all. At 34, the French actress and model raised the temperature by showing off her figure in a tight swimsuit, which she herself promotes and caused an uproar on the network.

few months ago boyar She decided to have her own clothing business and started her own line of bikinis, which she models on her social networks. Through various photos, Sebastian Rulli’s girlfriend broke the boundaries of Instagram and inspired the Argentine actor to praise the 34-year-old actress.

Angelique Boyer showing off her figure in a swimsuit. Source Instagram @angeliqueboyer

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