Angelique Bauer: The 3 riskiest bikinis the actress wore

Angelique Boyer has become one of the favorite actresses of the Mexican audience, because she is gorgeous and talented; She has had very important roles throughout her career, such as “Teresa”. But it has also become very popular on social networks, mainly on Instagram, where he usually uploads pictures of his life and his favorite activities, such as swimming, so this time we will introduce you to it. Her three best swimsuits.

She has stated on several occasions that one of her favorite places is the beach and that one of her favorite activities is swimming, so it should come as no surprise that her official account There are many photos and clips on Instagram doing water activities, So she always seems ready to take the plunge.

Angelique is always ready to swim. Photo: Special.

it is a very psychedelic design And he is reminiscent of the 1970s, even as he remarked in the original publication: “A Gogo”. Many of her fans believe that she also has a very cute cut.

He always has a very good attitude. Photo: Special.

She also launched her own brand of bikini

Recently, the French born launched “Ateria 69”, a line of bikinis, Since there is no one better than her for this task, as she constantly uploads pictures with these clothes which can be called as her favourite. “She was born in the hands of love. I am so excited and happy to share with you our first limited collection of bikinis, Chrisalida, as an expression of gratitude to all the beautiful women who have accompanied me on this path.”

In this picture we see one of his most recent creations, with all the blue and too tightThis swimsuit is perfect if you want to go to the beach and show off what you’ve achieved at the gym.

He has always had a great body. Photo: Special.

she gained amazing fame After playing Teresa (2011), One of her best characters, she also became an inspiration to act for Irina Beva, who saw her performance from Russia and was inspired.

Every time actress Angelique Bauer uploads a photo or video to her social network Leaves his fans speechless And it goes viral. As far as work is concerned, apparently Boyer is taking a break, but soon we’ll see him again in a soap opera or modeling campaign.

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