Angelique Boyer left her fans breathless by showing herself naturally

Angelique Bauer monopolized the eyes on social networks during the last hours as she showed that her beauty is not the product of cosmetic surgery or makeup as it turns out The soap opera star showed off her face completely natural, garnering hundreds of accolades With which she was able to confirm herself as one of the most beautiful women in the entire entertainment industry in Mexico.

reason why Angelique Boyer The decision to show her natural face was not so fortunate, as she herself had told through her stories that in the past decided to apply a honey-based mask, which caused an acute rash outbreak, So she had to immediately go to her trusted dermatologist so that she could get proper treatment and avoid more serious damage to her skin.

Once the session in which he underwent various treatments was over, Angelique Bauer showed the results and showed that, fortunately, there were no serious injuries to her pretty face and everything was under control, However, what caught her attention was how fabulous she looks without a drop of makeup, so compliments started pouring in on her.

It is worth mentioning that, Angelique Bauer also took the opportunity to make a public apology to her dermatologist to break the golden rule of “Don’t put anything on your face” Apart from this, he advised his fans to always go with professionals.

“And as it should be, you have to publicly apologize, Bertha, I won’t do it againSo much so that we talked and said ‘don’t wear anything’ and then I’m going to wear anything, but There is a solution to this and I need to be mindful of what I am going to wear so that it doesn’t become a chronic problem. Or it will not happen that I have a wound in my skin and it is more difficult to care after, always go to the specialist, ”said the actress, originally from France.

Angelique Boyer. about

Currently, Angelique Bauer is 34 years old and going through one of the best moments of her career because although she is currently taking a break after her last soap opera, it is known that she already has her on the doorstep. There are different projects. is one of the most requested celebrities on televisionAlso, just a few months ago Launched herself as a businesswoman by opening her own clothing line SwimsuitsWhich has been a success as she herself has been in charge of modeling the bandages she sells.

Angelique Bauer launches her own line of swimsuits. Photo: IG:

It is noteworthy that, personally Angelique Boyer going through a great moment because At every opportunity she has, she admits how much she is in love with Sebastian Rully, With whom he is in a relationship for more than eight years.

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