Annette Kuburu breaks silence and joins William Valdés’s VLA. talked about departure from

handsome driver happy come (VLA), Annette Kuburubroke the silence when my partner left William Valdes morning follower Program looking forward to meeting OpinionThey were romantically related for months before, leading to rumors of a relationship between the two. it was during red carpet Of radio award That Gora was questioned about it.

Diplomatically, he replied that it was a single race and cannot give an opinion for the others, however, they made it clear that they both love each other dearly and their amistad Inside or outside the program. He also said that happy come You TV Aztec They are a very consolidated company, each one finds its own way and takes Verdict, He said that he wishes them all the best and considers them very talented,

“I wish him the very best, I love him very much, he will always be my friend and he is very talented,” said the driver.

kuburu He also commented on the changes that have been experienced Ajusco Television Stationmentioning that “life’s Change And we have to keep moving forward, keep creating.”

After such words, he was questioned again, this time about the things valdes that they were informed by their manager a few hours before the start of the broadcast dismissal, presenter again replied politely and said that he was not aware of it Situation,

he mentioned that misses his partnerwho left a void ProductionBut that’s only part of the staff of staff and there is no interference in that type Verdict, As a joke, she said that she is “the one who sweeps.”

“A friend is always missed,” Kuburu said.

about whether he Have a Plan B in Your Career In case he is also fired from VLASaid you should always have it for everything, but you also have to rely on it Work and in relation to publicWho is it that decides who is there.

many mate had already expressed itself about the sudden departure of conductor Cubans of the morning newspaper, doubted whether they were “next”, but no one has confirmed or denied this.

The drivers have a very close friendship. Photo: Facebook, William Valdes.

Romance Rumors

followers of happy come they began to speculate about a romance secret between Annette Kuburu You William ValdesSaying that they had a secret affair, but decided to stay out of the proverbs.

However, the blonde host gave an interview journalist Eden Dorantes, in this he talked about Rumors and refused to be one love affair, Confessed that both he and his former partner currently have their own joints,

“My heart is busy, it is very happy. I love William, he is one of my best friends, he also has a partner, ”said the presenter.


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