Announcements from space: They will use satellites to project images across the planet

We see advertisements everywhere: on the Internet, on television, on the street… It seems that the world of advertising has some corners yet to be discovered and the sky is one of them at the moment. However, this may change in the future and some companies have begun to develop their own offerings.

Canadian startup Geometric Energy Corporation (GEC) began working with cubesatA square-shaped satellite with a built-in screen for displaying logos and advertisements to people on Earth.

As he explained, people who wanted to advertise their products or companies All he had to do was buy the satellite plot. In this way, the CEO and co-founder of GEC hoped to develop a tool that “democratizes access to space.”

Now another startup, StartRocket, has jumped on the bandwagon and wants to project advertising from space. In their case, the satellite would be placed in low Earth orbit. About 400 km high.

The intent of this other company is to show ads for 7 billion peopleThat is, for the whole planet. StartRocket states that CubeSats can be used not only for advertising purposes, but also for entertainment, to send messages or images during global events, emergencies or natural disasters, or for special offers from international brands. can also be done.

It can equip more than seven tons of cargo.

The company’s goal is to run the satellite on solar power. As per the description, the screen will be Approx 50 square kilometer and will show 3 or 4 ads per day.

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