Another mess with Chinese rocket: Philippines was taking it out of the sea and China cut the towel and took it

The list of Chinese rockets that have crashed into Earth in an uncontrolled manner grew on November 4, when another core stage of Long March 5B crashed into the Pacific Ocean. A total of four 5B rockets have fallen: One on the west coast of Africa, another in the Indian Ocean, the third in Bronio (Asia), and the last has already been mentioned.

Fortunately, none of the fragments have caused human harm, but some experts warn that this could happen if preventive measures are not implemented. According to Philippine military officials, they had hauled up Chinese rocket remnants, However, China took them by force.

Long March 5B parts found Near Thitu Island, within the disputed South China Sea, occupied by the Philippines. Vice Admiral Alberto Carlos of the Philippine Navy noted that a Chinese ship had twice blocked a Philippine ship with rocket remnants, but no one was injured.

Despite tensions between the Philippines and China, Chinese officials have denied that this was a forcible seizure and He assured that it was a “friendly consultation”. After confirming that the debris belongs to the Chinese rocket.

The Philippine Vice Admiral clarified that the wreckage of 5B was detected through a long-range camera used by the sailors, About 540 meters from the shore of Thitu. After searching, they proceeded towards the area and recovered the object which was floating in the water.

When they returned to the island, Carlos says the team saw “a Chinese Coast Guard ship with bow number 5203 approaching their location and later Locked your preset course twice,

He depicted Omotenashi on the moon.

Despite the fact that China clarified that the seizure was not done by force, Carlos confirmed in a statement that the recovery of the space material was done “by force”. “Cutting the towline” attached to a rubber dinghy Philippine Ship. However, the Filipino sailors did not resist the seizure.

Major Cheryl Tindog, a spokesman for the Western Command of the Thai Armed Forces, said: “In this situation, we exercised the utmost tolerance.” “Since it was an unknown object and not a matter of life and death, Our team just decided to return,

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