Another out-of-control Chinese rocket threatens Earth: It is expected to crash this Saturday

On 31 October, China launched one of its Long March 5B rockets from Wenchang Space Launch Center (Hainan). With this launch, he sent the third and last module to the Chinese space station Tiangong: Mengtian. Now, the rocket has to re-enter the Earth’s atmosphere.

calculated as Aerospace CorporationThe main stage of the 21-metric-ton Long March 5B will return to the atmosphere 04:17 AM in Spain (11:17 PM ET), on Nov 5. At the moment, it is unknown where this part of the rocket will fall and whether it will endanger any human life or property.

Estimates for the time of impact are updated through the Aerospace Corporation’s official account. your data . Based on the analysis of the information collected by United States Space Force Space Surveillance Network And it can vary, so we have to be attentive to the publications of the account.

Private company SpaceX's powerful Falcon Heavy rocket took off from Cape Canaveral (Florida) on Tuesday.

This is the fourth time that a fragment of Long March 5B has entered Earth in an uncontrolled manner. Although this is not the first time, China thinks it hasn’t solved this risk yet They carry on with their throws, leaving the landing site to chance.

This is the second time a major phase of Long March 5B has re-entered the atmosphere in an uncontrolled manner, with no deaths or injuries. They fell in a residential area of west coast of Africa, in the Indian Ocean and in northern Borneo (Asia), Although no human damage has been reported so far, scientists fear it could happen if no action is taken sooner or later.

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