Another storm threatens the launch of Artemis I, but NASA will keep the rocket on the platform

Powerful SLS rocket with attached Orion capsule will remain at Cape Canaveral launch padWith a view to lift the mission within a week Artemis I And despite Subtropical Storm Nicole’s potential impact on Florida in the coming days, the US space agency reported Monday.

Kennedy Space Center said Monday that based on current forecast data, “managers have determined that the Space Launch System (SLS) rocket and Orion (capsule) will remain at Launch Pad 39B”. NASAthe couple who Keep an eye on Nicole’s progress,

According to the US National Hurricane Center (NHC), Subtropical Storm Nicole will affect Florida from Wednesday nightAnd it makes it almost a . will do like hurricane Category one on the Saffir Simpson scale and with the Kennedy center within the cone of the possible trajectory.

comes after the announcement NASA will carry out slow transfer of giant rocket and Orion spacecraft on Friday From the Vehicle Assembly Building (VAB) to the launch pad, from where the Artemis I lunar mission will depart on November 14.

The journey lasted about 9 hours To cover a distance of barely 6.8 kilometres, during which the rocket was transferred to a large caterpillar vehicle with a diesel engine, over a 30-storey building (98 m) in height.

NASA has had to delay the mission’s departure three timesTwo for technical reasons and the other for meteorological reasons. The previous date of launch was September 27, but had to be delayed due to the arrival of Hurricane Ian One Florida.

artemis 1

The fourth launch attempt will be done on November 14 and The 69-minute lift-off window will open at 12:07 local time. (17.07 GMT). If the 14th does not turn out, then there is an opportunity to try again on November 16 and 19, and already in December, the period between 9 and 23.

If nothing happens, The Orion spacecraft will undertake a 25-and-a-half-day unmanned journey that will end on December 9When it falls into the Pacific Ocean.

The first Artemis mission aims to test the capabilities of the SLS and the first Orion spacecraft planned for a manned trip in principle for 2024, which will be followed by a third, including the first since 1972. Astronaut Americans, including a woman and a person of color, will set foot on the lunar surface.

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