Another way to pay taxes is that it was possible to change the way citizens across the country make their income tax returns.

On some occasions, it is the public administration itself who feel internally that they need to improve their services and make changes in the way they serve the citizens., Other times, however, you start out with these organizations by working in smaller departments, so that once in, you can gradually explore more general redesign needs. This has been the case of the Andorra government.

The Government of Andorra has set the challenge of creating an electronic processing platform for its citizens, starting with the personal income tax declaration process. For this, he got the support of technology consultancy firm Hiberus.

,We started working on a ‘small service’ redesign: Income Tax Returns, We put the word small service in quotation marks because we are talking about a process fundamental to a large part of the inhabitants of an area and as such it must be accurate not only in terms of correctness in its processing, but Clear and understandable as well. For everyone”, explains Maria Roux, Manager Hiberus Design and User Experience at Hiberus Digital.

“Gradually the goal grew and we wanted to make the IRPF declaration process in Andorra easy, fast, usable and accessible to the goal of designing a citizenship-focused action plan and methodology that would allow the foundation to be laid. Transforming the digital relationship of the Andorra government with its citizens”, he added. To cope with such a task it was necessary Work through the specs of your user experience area,

A data-driven organization is one that adapts its business culture to a digitized environment and uses data to improve its operations.

“In addition to the usual challenges you might face in this type of job, in the case of the Andorran income tax return redesign, we had an extra time”, Roux recalls. “The deadline to make the project a reality was too short, so we changed our usual methodology. Instead of testing first, with both the users and the workforce involved, We Developed a Prototype in Record Time, Just Three Months, and we launched it in the ‘pre-production’ phase. From there we worked on the proposal along with the administration in a process of continuous improvement.”

Roux insisted that for this reform It was necessary to understand how citizens were using the Income Tax Declaration Portal and propose improvements based on, The implementation of the service was successful and the surveys conducted by them gave very good results: everyone was pleased with the new process.

The data on the web is structured into five categories.

Then an external factor made the success of the service even bigger: The global coronavirus pandemic paralyzed the entire planet and the processes we could usually do individually were limited to the digital environment, This coincides with the exact season in which users file their income tax returns, so the Hiberus solution came at the right time so that the Andorra government does not face chaos in the process.

With this project, Hiberus Receives Andorra Government To Award The Second SAP Quality Award In The Customer Experience Category Developed for launch of its web portal for online submission of personal income tax returns.

More than 80% of users find the new online filing process for personal income tax returns quite or very easy, and almost 60% of users filed online returns for the first time in 2020.

Thanks to the continuous analysis done on the portal, the bounce rate has decreased by about 70% over the entire period and the session duration has been increased by 2.

in data

  • The number of online declarations increased by almost 100% (93.64%) in 2020 compared to the previous period, while in-person declarations decreased by 68.27%.
  • 77.5% of users filing online tax returns for the first time found it to be a fairly or very easy process and 46.5% of them had no doubts.

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