Apple bets on photography again and joins forces with Sony to make another leap forward in its iPhone cameras

Sony to supply latest image sensor to Apple to be present in next generation iPhone and strengthen your competitive advantage in high-definition photography technology.

Where is the piece doubles the signal saturation level at each pixel Compared to conventional sensors, that is, it can capture more light and reduce overexposure or underexposure at certain settings to allow the user to photograph in any given situation.

Sony has achieved this success by using a new semiconductor architecture Put photodiode and transistor On separate substrate layers, allowing the sensor to add more photodiodes in a dedicated layer.

Power will manufacture the image sensor at its Nagasaki (Japan) plant To ship components to Apple and other manufacturers. In addition, Nikkei Asia noted that “last year, Sony controlled a 44% global share in CMOS (complementary metal oxide semiconductor) image sensors,” with Samsung in second place with 18.5%, according to British research firm Omdia. Coming on.

In May, Sony announced plans for 900 billion yen (about €6.28 billion) in capital expenditures for image sensors over the three years to fiscal 2023. Sony also said in May that Expected to capture 60% market share in CMOS image sensors by FY2025,” adds Nikkei Asia.

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